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Fleet Maintenance Software

The Next Generation of Fleet Maintenance Software

FleetPal Connect is a fleet maintenance software that uses cloud-based technology to make operations easier, faster and more cost-effective.

Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs

Powered by the latest in tech innovation.​

FleetPal Connect puts the latest in automated cloud technology to work for the logistics industry, creating the world’s first one-stop-shop platform for fleet and asset management. Built with input from long-time industry professionals, FleetPal is more than just a fancy new toy. It’s an innovative, automated solution to the real-life issues facing transportation logistics companies in 2020.

By combining a number of features in one user-friendly platform, our tech makes it easy for fleets of all sizes to manage:

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Those that ‘stay ready’ don’t need to 'get ready’, and with FleetPal’s preventive maintenance options, you will be able to troubleshoot potential issues before they impact your bottom line.

Emergency Breakdowns

Emergency Breakdowns

Emergency breakdowns are an unavoidable reality of the road. Our network of affiliated repair and maintenance shops will help you quickly and efficiently locate urgent solutions during your time of need.

Tire Usage Tracking

Tire Usage Tracking

Tires can get expensive, and one of the best ways to make sure you are getting the most value out of your investment is by staying on top of your tire management using our innovative tracking tool.

Issue Tracker

Issue Tracker

Keep your fleet on the road longer by tracking and managing all of your issues in one convenient location. FleetPal’s issue tracker helps save time and money on maintenance and truck repairs.

Truck Inspections


Looking for a quick, convenient way to schedule inspections while your trucks are out on the road? FleetPal puts a network of affiliated repair shops and service stations right at your fingertips.

Warranty Tracker

Warranty Tracking

Tracking the warranties on your truck parts and other aspects of your business can optimize your repair costs and put money in your pocket. With FleetPal, you can check on all your warranties in seconds.


FleetPal Connect is what happens when 30+ years of industry experience meets the latest in automated technology. Our solutions help you make data-driven decisions that:


Reduce Downtime


Cut Costs​


Boost Efficiency


Improve Safety


Grow Revenue


VMRS Compatible For Better Reporting

VMRS Compatible For Better Reporting

FleetPal Connect supports VMRS to help organize your maintenance data, which results in more accurate reports and better decisions.

Telematics Provider FleetPal Connect

Integrates With Your Telematics Provider

To help minimize data entry and to improve accuracy FleetPal Connect uses data from your telematics partner at no cost.

Ready to put your business on the map?

When you list your services with FleetPal, your company’s location and info will be right at the fingertips of your potential customers.

Get the exposure you deserve and partner with FleetPal today.

Repair Shops and Service Providers

Ready to make fleet maintenance, management, and repairs easier and more efficient? Try FleetPal Connect today.

Truck Fleets

Truck Fleets

With the power to track and monitor your assets right at your fingertips, fleet management has never been more accessible or easier to use.

Service Providers

Service Providers

When you list your services on FleetPal, you literally put your business on the map, making it easy for drivers on our network to stop by for help.

FleetPal Connect

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