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Where tech innovation meets logistics experience.

In recent years, the number of automated software solutions available to the everyday consumer has grown exponentially, but some industries have benefited more than others. As a twenty-year veteran of the heavy-duty trucking industry, company founder Mike Valnev realized that logistics was one of those industries: There was technology to track shipments, technology to optimize delivery times and technology to source parts. What the industry lacked was an innovative solution that combined all of these things in one platform.

In 2015, Mike began working with co-founder and computer programmer Marcin Timek, and together they took steps to turn this dream application into a reality, and from that, FleetPal was born.

As we continue to grow, the core team has expanded but through it all, our original goal remains intact – creating a software solution that makes fleet management and maintenance easier and more efficient for its end-users.

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