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Fleet Maintenance Software


The Coronavirus and COVID-19 have caused unprecedented disruptions to daily life and the global economy.

Fleet Maintenance Software

The Coronavirus and COVID-19 have caused unprecedented disruptions to daily life and the global economy. The pandemic presents a very real threat to life and health. We urge everyone to observe the recommendations of health officials. It is important for each of us to do what we can to contribute to the response. That is the only way we can limit the severity and duration of the outbreak.

Our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones, those who are ill, and the brave men and women on the front lines of this crisis.

The trucking industry is playing a vital role in the response to the outbreak. We are moving vital household goods to store shelves and critical supplies to the healthcare system.

Drivers and equipment are moving through a world that is shutting down in response to quarantine orders. Administrative and maintenance
staff are faced with choices about how to support their fleets while doing their part to limit transmission. Schools and daycares are closing, adding to
the challenges that staff has to manage.

One thing is clear:
The trucking industry is essential to efforts to overcome the challenges that we face.

FleetPal Connect is a tool that makes it easier for fleets to work remotely.

  • We help to connect drivers and maintenance staff with service providers anywhere in North America.
  • We help make working from home possible for administrative staff.
  • We help maintenance staff manage and coordinate the inspections and repairs that will keep fleets running throughout this crisis.
  • We help drivers find the resources they need as they move goods through areas that are shutting down under quarantine.

We want to do our part to help the industry respond. 

That’s why we have decided to make the FleetPal Connect software and mobile app available on a free trial basis. We invite everyone in the industry to use our platform—risk-free, no cost, no obligation. We want to help you and your team take care of yourselves while you take care of everyone else.