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Fleet Maintenance Software

Coordination Makes Your Maintenance Plan Work

Get Your Whole Team Involved in Preventive Maintenance Procedures with Software Tools That Make Collaboration Work!
Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs

Every piece of equipment in your fleet and every member of your team is an asset that contributes to your ability to take on more jobs, get them done, keep customers happy, and grow your fleet. That's what it takes to provide more opportunities and benefits to everyone!

But with so many pieces on the board and everything in near-constant motion—coordinating everyone’s efforts and making sure that nothing is missed or wasted is a challenge for every fleet manager working to grow their small- or mid-sized fleet.

Choose a tool that combines VMRS codes, premium features, and easy data integration. Make your preventive maintenance procedure management simple and streamlined!

See How FleetPal Coordinates Your Team’s PM Plan!

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What Does It Take to Coordinate Your Team’s Preventive Maintenance Efforts?

There are three things that you need to coordinate to get
the most out of your fleet’s preventive maintenance procedure: People, Projects, and Priorities.

FleetPal gives you the tools you need to prioritize projects and
put the right people on them.

Coordination 1


Whether it’s a driver who discovers an issue while they’re out on a run or a maintenance technician who finds something during a routine inspection—FleetPal gives them the power to report the issue, schedule a resolution, and communicate with everyone else on your team who needs to know.

The FleetPal mobile app keeps drivers connected via their Android or iOS device no matter where they are or what time of day or night it is.

Anyone on your maintenance team or administrative staff can create an issue on the FleetPal platform. When they do, it attaches to the asset that has the issue and notifies maintenance of the priority-level and next available opportunity to address the issue.

Working together to solve problems in a coordinated fashion makes the sum of your team’s efforts greater than the individual parts.

FleetPal Connect guides maintenance and repair issues from the to-do list to the done list!


It takes a lot of work to keep your fleet on the road and making money. No preventive maintenance management tool that’s worth your fleet’s business would treat maintenance projects like they’re all the same.

Routine inspections are different from regularly scheduled maintenance and regularly scheduled maintenance is different from an unscheduled repair that got caught by your team members doing their jobs the right way.

FleetPal is a single tool with enough versatility to manage all of the maintenance and repair events that it takes to keep your fleet moving, making money, and making progress toward your goals for the future.

Communicating these details is crucial to keeping your team functioning as a coordinated unit. It becomes even more important when you work with third-party service providers to perform some or all of your fleet’s maintenance work.

Coordination 2
Coordination 3


We would like to think that your Preventive Maintenance Plan is the most urgent maintenance and repair issue on your fleet’s to-do list. But we recognize that even when your PM plan is performing at the highest level, you will still have urgent situations and emergencies come up from time to time.

The FleetPal Issue Tracker lets you assign both a repair priority class and a priority ranking to every issue that you create on the platform. Repair priority class separates scheduled, non-scheduled, and emergency repairs to help you measure the success of your PM plan. Priority ranking lets your maintenance staff know whether a maintenance event is low, medium, or high priority.

Communicating these details is crucial to keeping your team functioning as a coordinated unit. It becomes even more important when you work with third-party service providers to perform some or all of your preventive maintenance procedure.

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