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Technology provides the tools and experience delivers the know-how-but it’s our commitment to the industry that drives what we do.

The team at FleetPal has nearly half a century of combined experience in the trucking industry. So, we’ve heard almost everything that people inside and outside the industry have to say about logistics and transportation. One thing that we hear all of the time is that our industry has always been slow to adopt new technology. Every time we hear that one, we have to chuckle to ourselves.

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The men and women who make up the companies that make up our industry aren’t usually the kinds of folks who chase after the latest and greatest or get distracted by shiny objects. But that doesn’t mean that we’re slow to take advantage of tools that make a real difference in how we get our jobs done safely, efficiently, and profitably. There are plenty of examples of the trucking industry being on the cutting-edge of technological advances or even being ahead of the curve and waiting for technology to catch-up. Consider the role we’re playing in the development of electric-powered vehicles, driver-assist technology, GPS, and Telematics.

FleetPal Connect guides maintenance and repair issues from the to-do list to the done list!

One example of our industry being so far ahead of technology that we had to wait for the world to catch up is the VMRS codes that were developed by the American Trucking Association (ATA) in 1970.

Originally intended as a classification system to keep the industry on the same page with regard to parts and labor on hand-written or typewritten work orders, supply requisitions, manifests, bills, and receipts—the codes became the common language of the trucking industry when computers became a part of every day life in the business world.

That’s the reason they are the foundation of the platform that FleetPal has developed to help small- and mid-sized fleets and the service providers they work with compete against the biggest fleets in the industry.

Mike Valnev had been working in the industry for nearly twenty years and had seen technology be developed into tools that provided solutions for everything from shipment tracking to route planning and driver reporting. But he felt like something was missing and started to look for a way to develop a tool that would bring technology and people together in a way that would help the industry work together to get better results.

He knew from experience that the VMRS codes would be the key to developing a solution that would leverage data, communication, and collaboration. In 2015, Mike partnered with computer programmer Marcin Timek to found FleetPal and begin work on a tool that would provide small- and mid-sized fleets with a way to do more through more efficient teamwork and more extensive networks.

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Today, FleetPal has been recognized as one of the most powerful and promising applications of the potential found in the VMRS codes. FleetPal works with the nation’s premier service providers to integrate every step of the processes that make sure drivers and equipment get taken care of in the safest, fastest, and most cost-effective manner possible. FleetPal Connect is the tool that our network of fleets and service providers use to work together to achieve better results but the real power that drives the platform is the input of individual users at every level of every organization within the network.

Looking ahead, FleetPal is committed to serving the industry we love with cutting-edge software tools and unmatched customer service. We think of ourselves as partners to the fleets and service providers who use our software. We are focused on increasing the value of our technology each time we learn something from our users. When we customize functionality of one of our tools to make it align with a user’s needs, we gain valuable insight into what the industry needs from a tool like ours. As our network expands, we get better at doing what we do and the network offers each member better coverage and additional expertise.

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We’ve brought half a century of experience to the challenge of developing the best fleet management technology in the industry. We’re looking forward to the next 50 years of innovation in the industry that makes every other industry possible.