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Fleet Maintenance Software

Powered by the latest in tech innovation.

FleetPal Connect puts the latest in automated cloud technology to work for the logistics industry, creating the world’s first one-stop-shop platform for fleet and asset management. Built with input from long-time industry professionals, FleetPal is more than just a fancy new toy. It’s an innovative, automated solution to the real-life issues facing transportation logistics companies in 2020.

Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs
truck on route from point a to point b, in the middle of the route is a computer with fleetpal pulled up

FleetPal Connect

Connecting Truck Fleets and Service Providers

The largest fleets in the industry have some advantages that make their lives easier and their businesses more efficient and profitable. One advantage is a wide range of in-house capabilities dispersed across a nationwide network of hubs. Another is their extensive networks of industry connections. Small- and mid-sized fleets need a tool that makes connecting with service providers just as simple.

Issue Tracker

Managing a commercial fleet in today’s trucking industry means you’re responsible for a lot of moving pieces. With clients, staff, and vendors all competing for your limited time and attention, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks. Fleet and Maintenance Managers need tools and technology that make supervision, delegation, and communication efficient and effective. It’s the only way to ensure maintenance issues go from the to-do list to the done list.

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Warranty Tracker

The average age of commercial trucks on the road continues to go down each year. Beyond that, the quality of aftermarket warranties for heavy trucks is improving. That suggests that many of the assets in your fleet are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty coverage is a great way to maximize your fleet’s repair budget, but how do you keep track of what is covered.

Tire Tracker

For most fleets, tires are the third largest operating expense after driver compensation and fuel. Controlling these costs can make a huge difference in your fleet’s bottom line. Better data is the key to better decisions. The FleetPal Connect Tire Tracker provides better data on tire usage than VMRS Codes alone. Giving your team FleetPal is the best way to make controlling tire costs a team effort.

person at desk, dolly full of tires and a semi truck
semi truck next to danger sign

Emergency Breakdowns

Even with a solid preventive maintenance program, emergency breakdowns and roadside repairs are a fact of life in the trucking industry. Fleets work hard to proactively inspect, maintain, and repair equipment to reduce the frequency and severity of emergency repairs but they should also make sure that they have the tools and resources they need to handle them when they occur.

Inspections & Preventive Maintenance

Scheduling routine inspections and keeping your fleet on a preventive maintenance (PM) schedule is one of the best ways to avoid downtime, increase efficiency, and control your maintenance budget. It is also one of the most challenging parts of the job for a fleet manager with a small- to mid-sized fleet. 

Inspections & Preventive Maintenance Issues
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Integrated Telematics

Fleet Maintenance Solutions Integrated with Your Telematics System

The logistics industry is complex and it seems like there is a different software solution for every area of operation. Telematics and fleet maintenance are distinct operations but they overlap and affect each other in important ways. Shouldn’t software solutions for these areas work together? When software solutions are easy to integrate, they do more for you and your team.

VMRS Codes for Parts and More

Advances in technology have been both a blessing and a curse for small- and mid-sized fleets in the trucking industry. Software solutions make it possible to do more with less in areas like telematics, fleet maintenance, and electronic data interchange (EDI). At the same time, technology can be complicated to set up and challenging to maintain. You need technology that simplifies your operations.

a computer with a message on it about a specific truck part

If you have any questions about FleetPal's features, reach out!