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Fleet Maintenance Software

Connecting Truck Fleets and Service Providers

The largest fleets in the industry have some advantages that make their lives easier and their businesses more efficient and profitable. One advantage is a wide range of in-house capabilities dispersed across a nationwide network of hubs. Another is their extensive networks of industry connections. Small- and mid-sized fleets need a tool that makes connecting with service providers just as simple.

Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs
truck on route from point a to point b, in the middle of the route is a computer with fleetpal pulled up

How does FleetPal help fleets and service providers find one another?

FleetPal Connect was designed to make it easy for small- and mid-sized fleets to report, share, and track information related to mission-critical items like inspections, maintenance, and repairs. The Repair Shop Network is an opportunity for service providers to connect with fleets on scheduled, unscheduled, and emergency service issues.

If your fleet doesn’t have the benefit of a nationwide network of teammates and preferred partners, finding the best deals is a constant struggle. Emergency roadside repairs or scheduling a third-party inspection with no downtime can be challenging. FleetPal Connect puts all of the information that fleets and service providers need to find one another at your fingertips.

FleetPal Connect Brings Fleets & Repair Shops Together

The internet makes it easier for drivers and fleet support staff to find repair shops anywhere in the country when facing an emergency in unfamiliar territory. But the results you get from a search engine will only tell you how good a shop is at advertising. Wouldn’t it be great if you could go straight to the repair shops that other small- and mid-size fleets trust and recommend?

Service providers face similar problems. Without a huge advertising budget, it can be hard to stand out to drivers and fleets even though a webpage can be seen from anywhere in the world. It isn’t a matter of access, it’s a matter of attention. FleetPal Connect gives you a direct link to drivers and fleets with service needs that match your offerings.

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a three truck fleet, two trucks that are in commission and one truck that is in need of maintenance


Whether you need to schedule a routine inspection, preventive maintenance, or find emergency roadside service—FleetPal Connect puts the best service providers in North America at your fingertips. When you use FleetPal, you can search for repair shops by the services they offer, geographic location, or their physical proximity to a unit that needs assistance.

  • Preventive Maintenance: You can use FleetPal to find service providers in an area where a unit will be stopping for an hours-of-service break or reset. If the unit is due for preventive maintenance service or needs a routine inspection, you can use FleetPal to provide the repair shop with an inspection template or work order with the click of a button.
  • Emergency Repairs: When a driver is stranded on the side of the highway, they can generate an issue to describe their needs. Anyone on your team can use FleetPal to locate the nearest, fastest, or highest rated service provider to tow the unit or perform roadside repairs. Fleets and service providers can share files through the FleetPal mobile app to make the process as efficient as possible.

Service Providers

Many repair shops question whether they get their money’s worth from billboards or online advertising. Unless you have a prime location, it can be difficult to let drivers and fleets know what you have to offer. This is especially true for drivers who are in your area but not from your area. You need a way to connect with them directly when they’re looking for the services you offer.

  • FleetPal Connect: When you join the Repair Shop Network on FleetPal Connect you become part of a network of more than 350 of North America’s most trusted service providers. When a fleet needs a service that you offer within your geographic range, they’ll find your business through the Repair Shop feature. You’ll be able to list the services you offer, send offers, receive requests, and share files.
  • FleetPal Mobile App: FleetPal allows service providers to use both GPS and Geofencing to connect with drivers and fleets that are searching for them. It’s a direct connection for advertising your services and limited-time offers. It’s also a great way to go to the top of the list when someone is looking for emergency roadside assistance.
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a computer showing maintenance that needs to be done and paid for

How Does It Work?

When a service provider joins the FleetPal Repair Shop Network they are able to build an individual profile for each of their repair shop locations. A profile provides visitors with all of the contact information they need and a list of services offered. When both the fleet and the service provider are members of the FleetPal network, they can use FleetPal Connect to transfer information to each other without the need for excessive data entry.

Because FleetPal allows fleets to generate issues using VMRS codes, offers and requests can be exchanged in a language that everyone understands. A customer can share their preferences with a service provider using FleetPal templates and repair shops can update job status and track work orders using the Deals and Issues features.

The system offers users 13 unique categories of services and repairs to make finding partners and providing solutions efficient and cost-effective.

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Become Part of the FleetPal Connect Network to Connect with the Best

FleetPal is dedicated to bringing all of the tools and resources that technology has to offer to small- and mid-sized fleets. Our cloud-based solutions and mobile app make it easy and affordable for every fleet in the industry to manage their businesses and their partnerships in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

The Repair Shop Network is a way for the best in the industry to connect with the small- and mid-sized fleets who need the services they offer.

Contact FleetPal today to arrange for a free demonstration so that you can see for yourself what we can do for you.