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Fleet Maintenance Software

Emergency Breakdowns

Even with a solid preventive maintenance program, emergency breakdowns and roadside repairs are a fact of life in the trucking industry. Fleets work hard to proactively inspect, maintain, and repair equipment to reduce the frequency and severity of emergency repairs but they should also make sure that they have the tools and resources they need to handle them when they occur.

Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs
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FleetPal Connect helps drivers, fleets, and service providers manage emergency repairs.

Our mobile app and cloud-based software solutions give small- and mid-sized fleets and service providers in the trucking industry a way to find one another. That gets the process started faster and gets trucks back on the road more efficiently. We help fleets minimize downtime due to emergency breakdowns. We help service providers take better care of customers.

Until now, dealing with emergency breakdowns has been a forced choice for many fleets. Do you get the problem solved fast or do you solve the problem right? FleetPal Connect takes the guesswork out of finding partners who can provide the services you need to get your equipment back on the road quickly with quality parts and service. Our tools make the entire process more effective, efficient, and accurate.

Trusted Partnerships to Manage Emergency Breakdowns

It can take a lot of work to get a unit back on the road when it’s been sidelined by an emergency breakdown. Whether it will take roadside repairs or require towing, the key is knowing who to call. FleetPal Connect gives owner-operators a resource to locate nearby repair facilities and provides tools that let drivers and dispatchers work together to make the process of finding and communicating with a service provider more accurate and efficient.

Fleets and drivers need to know that a unit will be back on the road as soon as possible and that the services provide a long-term solution. Anything less will cost them money and threaten the reputation of their business. FleetPal Connect gives fleets and drivers a way to see all of the nearby repair shops and choose the partner who is ready, willing, and able to offer solutions.

Service providers need to let fleets and drivers know what services they offer and how quickly they can respond to emergency breakdowns. Being part of the FleetPal Connect Repair Shop Network makes sure that drivers in your service area know you’re there and know how to get in touch with you. It also gives you a tool to reach out to drivers and fleets directly to offer assistance.

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Fleets and Drivers​

FleetPal Connect lets your whole team collaborate to find a solution to an emergency breakdown. When your team works together through our software solutions and mobile app it’s easier to find a repair shop, tell the shop what services are needed, track the status of the work, and provide approvals. Eliminating redundancies and inefficiencies mean that your driver and equipment will be back to work sooner.

When a driver is broken down on the side of the highway, they can generate an issue report and flag it as a high priority and set an emergency status. That lets everyone back at the office and every FleetPal service provider in the driver’s area see the problem. Service providers and fleet management can send and respond to requests, estimates, and work orders within the system. They can also share information by attaching a variety of file types right to the Issue Tracker entry.

FleetPal Connect offers state-of-the-art features to make managing emergency breakdowns easier:

VMRS Software

VMRS Codes

The issue report will be created using the trucking industry’s shared language for systems, assemblies, and components.

Issue Tracker

Repair Priority Class

Marking the issue with emergency status lets nearby repair facilities know that your fleet has a truck and driver in their area who needs immediate assistance.

Truck Fleets

GPS Technology

See all of the repair shops within range of your disabled unit and filter results by distance, hours of operation, response times, services offered, and more.


Streamlined Process

Send and receive requests, offers, estimates, and approvals within the system to eliminate redundancy and inefficiency.

Service Providers

When you make your business part of the FleetPal Connect Repair Shop Network you let small- and mid-sized fleets know that you value their business. Drivers and fleet management will be able to find your repair shop and see the services that you offer from the FleetPal Connect platform and the mobile app. There’s no better way to let your customers know that you’re ready, willing, and able to help them out of a jam.

Being a part of the FleetPal network means that you don’t have to wait for your customers to find you. When a truck is sidelined by an emergency breakdown within your service area, you’ll receive an alert from the system based on the issue report the driver enters. You’ll be able to see what they need and reach out to the driver or fleet manager directly to offer assistance.


Since FleetPal Connect keeps everyone on the same page, you won’t have to worry about miscommunications or deal with important information getting lost in translation between drivers and dispatchers. Your customers will see status updates right in the system and sending estimates and receiving approvals will be streamlined as well.

Emergency Breakdowns 2

Call FleetPal Today to Get Better Solutions to Emergency Breakdowns

FleetPal is dedicated to making it easier for fleets and service providers to work together. That’s the best way to overcome the challenging
issues that are part of doing business in the trucking industry. Our goal is to ensure that small- and mid-sized fleets have the information they need to find strong partnerships with repair shops. Being part of the FleetPal Connect network is a great way to put your business in touch with the entire industry.

All of our solutions are designed to make reporting, recording, and tracking information more accurate and efficient. Contact us today to see how the FleetPal Connect platform and the mobile app can help your business get more done.