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Fleet Maintenance Software

Inspections & Preventive Maintenance

Scheduling routine inspections and keeping your fleet on a preventive maintenance (PM) schedule is one of the best ways to avoid downtime, increase efficiency, and control your maintenance budget. It is also one of the most challenging parts of the job for a fleet manager with a small- to mid-sized fleet. 

Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs

Keeping your trucks on the road is the key to profitable operations, which makes scheduling inspections and maintenance a challenge. Tracking and reporting data and communicating with everyone in your organization that needs to know about inspections and repairs are additional challenges.

The transportation industry as a whole has been ahead of the curve on preventive maintenance. But recent studies show that the industry struggles in areas like mobile CMMS deployments, reporting capabilities, and software training. In addition to that, it’s important to note that many small- and mid-sized fleets have had trouble finding solutions that work for them.

FleetPal Connect offers Inspection and PM management that is fully customizable to your fleet’s exact needs. With unlimited options for building templates and automated information reporting and sharing, FleetPal keeps your team on the same page. It also makes monitoring their progress or needs possible from any device.

Inspections & Preventive Maintenance Reports
a three truck fleet, two trucks that are in commission and one truck that is in need of maintenance


The trucking industry categorizes fleets of 25 or fewer units as small and fleets under 100 units as mid-sized. FleetPal knows that keeping track of multiple units spread out across your region or the entire country is never a small job. A tool that allows drivers, maintenance technicians, and administrative staff to stay on the same page without letting inspection priorities fall through the cracks is essential.

FleetPal offers a quick, convenient way to schedule inspections while your trucks are out on the road. We put a network of affiliated repair shops and service stations at your fingertips when you need third-party inspection services. We also allow users to generate inspection orders that make it easy to track when a unit will be available for in-house inspection.

Whether an inspection is part of routine maintenance and based on hours or mileage, or the result of a pre- or post-trip inspection, drivers and maintenance technicians can work together to keep your fleet in optimal condition with a minimum of downtime.

Inspection Templates

Nobody knows your fleet better than you. Fleet Managers and Maintenance Managers know what it takes to keep their fleets running safely, efficiently, and profitably. You don’t need an inspection tool that forces you to follow somebody else’s idea of how you should run your shop. You need a resource that will allow you to customize your inspection routine at the same time that it makes communicating responsibilities and tracking performance easier to manage.

FleetPal Connect offers users endless options for customizing inspection templates so that everything gets done at the appropriate time without a lot of extra steps that waste time and money. Build specific templates for each unique type of unit in your fleet. Build templates for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual inspections. Customize your inspection routine to your fleet’s needs and make adjustments over time to achieve continuous improvement.

Inspections & Preventive Maintenance Dashboard
Inspections & Preventive Maintenance Issues

Preventive Maintenance Services

The old saying that ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’ neglects to mention that your bearings will last longer if you grease before they squeak. The key to keeping your units running efficiently and avoiding costly roadside breakdowns is an effective preventive maintenance program (PMP). But equipment failures demand attention while preventative maintenance waits patiently and quietly on the sidelines.

FleetPal gives Fleet and Maintenance Managers a way to increase the visibility and urgency of preventive maintenance routines. We allow users to build their PMP using VMRS codes at the system, assembly, and component levels to ensure that every item you want to include in your program can be added to an assignment. Because FleetPal automatically generates work orders for issues and updates schedules, communicating the needs of your fleet to your whole team is efficient and effective.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduler

Whether you organize your PMP by mileage, hours of operation, calendar days, or some combination of these metrics, FleetPal Connect allows you to alert drivers and maintenance technicians of upcoming preventive maintenance tasks. With advanced notice, your team can fit preventive maintenance into regularly scheduled downtime instead of interrupting or delaying jobs that you have scheduled for that unit.

A customizable offset feature allows managers to set up a window around the target—whether the target is mileage, hours, or days. This gives you control over how much leeway to give your staff in scheduling PM and alerts you when units go beyond those windows. FleetPal Connect allows you to keep track of multiple units in a single tool and scales with your fleet as you grow.

Inspections & Preventive Maintenance Issue Tracking

Take Advantage of the Benefits that FleetPal Connect Can Offer Your PMP

FleetPal is dedicated to the idea that small- and mid-sized fleets deserve the same tools and resources that the largest fleets in the industry use. We believe that’s the best way to help you take care of your customers, your equipment, and your people while staying competitive in a challenging industry.

We’ve designed our solutions to ensure that fleets and vendors have access to the tools that can make their businesses more effective, efficient, and profitable. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration and see for yourself what FleetPal Connect can do for you and your fleet.