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Fleet Maintenance Software

Maintenance Issue Tracking

Managing a commercial fleet in today’s trucking industry means you’re responsible for a lot of moving pieces. With clients, staff, and vendors all competing for your limited time and attention, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks. Fleet and Maintenance Managers need tools and technology that make supervision, delegation, and communication efficient and effective. It’s the only way to ensure maintenance issues go from the to-do list to the done list.

Fleet Maintenance Software showing truck driver where to stop for repairs
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What can the FleetPal Connect Maintenance Issue Tracker do for your fleet?

The Issue Tracker is the hub that ties all of the features in FleetPal Connect together. It offers several automated and manual options for creating an issue. It also generates automated repair orders, and makes the information accessible to staff and vendors for efficient resolution, tracking, and reporting.

Making sure that all of your equipment gets scheduled for inspections and preventative maintenance is an important element of managing a fleet. But when routine inspections identify maintenance issues or an operator identifies something during normal operations, you need a way to make sure those issues get addressed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

FleetPal Connect guides maintenance and repair issues from the to-do list to the done list!

Maintenance Issues

It wasn’t very long ago that the biggest goal fleet managers had for their preventive maintenance programs (PMP) was keeping the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) happy. Do the work and keep the records to avoid fines and out of service downtime was the logic guiding many fleet’s PMPs.

The American Transportation Research Institute’s (ATRI) annual report on the industry indicates that the cost of operating a fleet continues to rise every year. That means that our approach to maintenance has to do more than avoid penalties—it should help us be more cost-effective and efficient across our entire operation. In most cases, communication is the key to making your PMP do more for you and your fleet.

The Issue Tracker feature in FleetPal Connect gives your team options to make identifying and communicating an issue faster, easier, and more effective. When your team uses our tool to get their work done it will make supervision, tracking, and reporting easier and more efficient for you.

map from point from point a to point b showing where a break down happens and where the issue gets resolved along the way
a magnifying glass over an ipad identifying a maintenance issue

Identifying Issues

It doesn’t matter whether an issue is discovered by a maintenance technician during a routine inspection or by a driver during a pre- or post-trip inspection. When your fleet uses FleetPal Connect to manage its maintenance and repair activities, a report can be generated by any member of the team and from any device. It will be entered into the system so that everyone is made aware of it.

Communicating Issues

When an issue is identified it automatically generates a repair order. It also attaches the issue to the individual unit’s profile in the FleetPal Connect system. This information can be shared across departments for in-house repairs or sent directly to a third-party vendor. It saves time and reduces errors by eliminating the “telephone game” effect.

The Issue Tracker can also identify warranty coverage that needs to be checked before you proceed with repairs. Don’t let covered items get lost in the shuffle when you could be saving money on repairs.

Maintenance Issue Tracking 2
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Tracking and Reporting Issues

From the 30,000-foot view, you just want to know that everything is getting done and manage the budgetary and operational concerns. Every item entered in the FleetPal Issue Tracker feeds information into our reporting system to help you track costs by unit and category as well as component lifetime.

How Does It Work?

Anyone on your team with access to a smartphone, tablet, or other devices with internet capability can use FleetPal Connect to generate an issue report. Once the report is in the system, the information is sharable with the rest of the team and with outside vendors. That makes it easy to steer the issue through the process from the initial report to the final resolution. 

Our Issue Tracker records and shares important information like:

·        Summary: The person generating the report can provide a brief summary in their own words.

·        Priority: Assign the issue Low, Medium, or High priority.

·        Unit Information: Pull the unit info directly from the Unit feature in FleetPal Connect and add updated hour and mileage information.

·        Location: Use GPS data to identify the closest repair shops and other resources.

·        Component: Use our VMRS coded component checklist to identify what work needs to be done, the vehicle’s condition, the reason for repair, and whether it is a scheduled, non-scheduled, or emergency repair.

·        Description: The person generating the report has the ability to provide a more detailed description in their own words.

·        Attachments: Upload photos, video, or other file types to make reporting, assessing, and resolving the issue more efficient.

a computer showing maintenance that needs to be done and paid for

Request a Demonstration to Learn More About What FleetPal Connect Can Do for Your Fleet

At FleetPal, we’re committed to the mission of bringing all of the tools and resources that the largest fleets in the industry use to small- and mid-sized fleets and the service providers they rely on. We think that’s the most important thing we can do to help you take care of your customers, equipment, and people in a competitive industry.

Our solutions are designed to ensure that fleets and vendors have what they need to manage their operations more effectively, efficiently, and profitably. Contact us today to set-up a free demonstration so that you can see for yourself what FleetPal Connect can do for you and your team.