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The average age of commercial trucks on the road continues to go down each year. Beyond that, the quality of aftermarket warranties for heavy trucks is improving. That suggests that many of the assets in your fleet are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty coverage is a great way to maximize your fleet’s repair budget, but how do you keep track of what is covered.

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How does FleetPal Connect help the trucking industry get more out of warranty programs?

Our Warranty Tracker tool makes it easy for fleets, service providers, and manufacturers to manage warranty data and share it with one another. It’s the best way to make sure everyone on your team has the information they need and the best way for the industry to work together on getting better.

The idea of warranties that cover 100,000 miles per year can seem like a joke to anyone outside the industry. But drivers, maintenance technicians, and fleet managers know that heavy truck warranties are no laughing matter. There’s no worse feeling than the one you get when you find out that you had warranty coverage for a repair that you just paid for out-of-pocket.

Using the FleetPal Connect Warranty Tracker Keeps Your Team on the Same Page

Maintenance and repairs can be one of the hardest parts of your fleet’s marginal costs to predict and control. Warranties are an important resource in the fight to maximize efficiency and profitability. But if your maintenance staff or service providers are doing work that should be covered using procedures or parts that aren’t, you’re not getting the most out of your maintenance program.

It can be difficult to keep track of important warranty information and communicate it to the folks who need to know. Technology can make the job easier, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to fleet management. You need a tool that allows you to customize warranty tracking to your fleet’s unique needs.

The FleetPal Connect Warrant Tracker was built using VMRS codes so that fleets can create templates for whole unit coverage or specific systems, assemblies, or components. This allows fleets to determine the level of detail they need to make their warranty program integrate seamlessly with their preventative maintenance program. It also makes it easier to share detailed information with vendors, OEMs, and aftermarket parts and warranty providers.

When a driver or maintenance technician generates a work order using the FleetPal connect system, that record will automatically be flagged with any relevant warranty information. This ensures that nobody on your team overlooks warranty options as they address that unit’s needs.

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The FleetPal Warranty Tracker Connects Fleets, Service Providers, and Manufacturers

When it comes to making sure that every repair and replacement that is covered by warranty gets done in a way that takes advantage of that coverage, knowing is half the battle. FleetPal designed the Warranty Tracker to make sure that warranty information doesn’t get lost in the shuffle as your team works to get repairs done and get a unit back on the road.

If keeping everyone on your team on the same page is half the battle, the other half is using the information that you get from warranty service to help your fleet, your partnership network, and the industry as a whole—get better over time.

The easiest way to identify areas where your fleet, your partners, or the industry have room for improvement is with detailed data on past performance. The FleetPal Connect Warranty Tracker helps the industry work together.

Fleets ↔ Service Providers

When your fleet and the service providers who perform work on your equipment both use the FleetPal Connect tool, managing your fleet’s warranty program gets even easier. When a unit needs repairs, your vendors will be alerted to the options that are covered by your equipment’s warranty. When your partner is alerted to recall or other manufacturer’s information, they can share it with your fleet and help you schedule the necessary inspections or repairs.

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Service Providers ↔ Manufacturers

FleetPal Connect puts the vendors who serve the trucking industry in direct contact with OEMs and aftermarket parts manufacturers. As more equipment and parts manufacturers work to establish partnerships with outstanding service providers, FleetPal Connect provides a link between these two segments of the industry that makes partnerships possible and more powerful. The Warranty Tracker is a tool that makes it easier to work together to make the industry better.

Fleets ↔ Manufacturers

Manufacturers benefit from the FleetPal Connect tool because it gives them a tool to directly exchange important information with their end-users. When a unit or a component is entered into the FleetPal Connect Warranty Tracker, the data on component lifetime can be aggregated by a manufacturer to get a better view of their performance relative to their competition. It also allows manufacturers to provide vital warranty information directly to their customers.

a truck with a path to the parts manufacturer

For Information on How FleetPal Makes Your Fleet’s Warranty Program Easier to Manage

Most small- and mid-sized fleets don’t have the staffing resources that it takes to make managing warranty programs the sole responsibility of a single employee or a whole department the way large fleets can. That makes it easier for important information to get missed or be miscommunicated when your team is focused on finding a solution that gets a truck back on the road. Don’t let opportunities to save your fleet money on maintenance and repairs pass you by.

To learn how the FleetPal Connect Warranty Tracker can make it easier for everyone on your team to stay on top of need-to-know information about your warranty program, contact us to schedule a demonstration. Let us show you what FleetPal Connect can do for you.