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Fleet Maintenance Software

Service Providers & Truck Centers

Ready to put your business on the map?
When you list your services with FleetPal, your company’s location and info will be right at the fingertips of your potential customers.
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Repair Shops and Service Providers
FleetPal Connect Mobile App screenshots


FleetPal Mobile App

When you list the available services at your truck center or repair shop on FleetPal, we display the information directly to local fleet owners and truck drivers passing through your region. This extra advertising can result in increased business opportunities.


The FleetPal Connect Platform allows your business to receive specific requests and repair orders directly. In other words, as the name suggests, this innovative software lets you easily connect with customers interested in your scope of services. 

FleetPal Connect
Repair Shop Categories


Context-Dependent Categories

Looking to explain what you do in more detail? FleetPal includes context-dependent categories that allow you to outline the services you offer in-depth, as well as the specific equipment your shop supports, sorted by brand and power source.


Geofence Zone – Mobile Repairs

Want to show your mobile roadside repair services within a specific radius? This innovative feature makes doing do easy and ensures that you only get relevant leads. You can also set the system to send alerts anytime there is a breakdown in your zone. 

Repair Shop Geofence Zone

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Repair Orders

Set up the required repair work quickly and efficiently using our innovative software.



Generate and send speedy estimates to vehicles in your radius that need help.



Proactively reach out to help nearby truck drivers get their vehicles back on the road.



Make yourself available to drivers, answer their requests, and generate more business.

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