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Fleet Maintenance Software

VMRS Codes for Parts and More

Advances in technology have been both a blessing and a curse for small- and mid-sized fleets in the trucking industry. Software solutions make it possible to do more with less in areas like telematics, fleet maintenance, and electronic data interchange (EDI). At the same time, technology can be complicated to set up and challenging to maintain. You need technology that simplifies your operations.

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VMRS Codes for Parts and More 1

How do VMRS codes simplify fleet management?

Since they were developed in the early 1970s by the American Trucking Association (ATA), the VMRS codes have become the common language at the foundation of all of the technological advances in the trucking industry. FleetPal Connect uses the codes to make communicating tasks within fleets and throughout the industry clear and efficient.

FleetPal Connect uses the VMRS codes to organize information about whole fleets and individual units. The codes organize thousands of unique components into 130 different assemblies within a dozen major systems. That automates and simplifies the processes of communicating, tracking, and reporting in-house operations. It also makes comparative analysis and aggregating data possible on an industry-wide basis.

What Are VMRS Codes?

In 1970, the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) of the American Trucking Association (ATA) introduced an alphanumeric coding system to simplify, clarify, and unify the way that the trucking industry tracked and shared information about vital assets. The codes paved the way for the emergence of Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) in the 1990s.

Presently the codes account for more than 32,000 unique items by organizing them into systems, assemblies, and components. The codes allow drivers and maintenance staff to record robust information about maintenance issues from cause to solution. When they do, sharing information with other departments within the organization, service providers, manufacturers, and industry associations becomes both powerful and effortless.

The TMC maintains the codes and keeps them up-to-date using feedback from partner organizations in every segment of the industry. As new needs are identified, the codes are expanded or revised to ensure that they deliver what the industry needs.

When your fleet uses software solutions that are built on the foundation that VMRS codes provide, it makes integrating applications and sharing data across them simple. FleetPal Connect not only integrates with your fleet’s telematics but also meets the nine implementation requirements that allow your fleet to share VMRS data with other organizations and associations in the industry.

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VMRS Codes

FleetPal Connect Puts VMRS Codes to Work for Your Fleet

FleetPal Connect makes life easier for fleet managers by making life easier for the entire fleet. Our cloud-based software and mobile application give every member of the team the tools that they need to record and communicate maintenance issues and powerful tracking to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Customizable reporting allows you to tailor performance data to your specific needs.

When you have your fleet on a preventive maintenance plan (PMP) you can use FleetPal to build inspection templates and keep all of your assets on a set schedule. The VMRS codes tell drivers and maintenance technicians exactly what the expectations are. At the same time, drivers and techs are empowered to create issues whenever they identify action items during routine operations.

Whenever an issue is created in the FleetPal system using VMRS codes, it attaches to the individual asset and also generates a work order for the required parts and services. The work order can be executed in-house or sent to a third-party service provider. Since all of the information is created, stored, and shared in a common language there is no need to re-enter the same information multiple times just to get one job done.

By organizing all of your fleet’s information in VMRS codes, FleetPal Connect also makes the administrative work that it takes to keep your fleet running more accurate and efficient. When a work order is generated, service providers can make offers and accept requests right in the FleetPal system. If an issue is created by a driver or tech and that component or system is covered by warranty, your team will be alerted.

FleetPal Connect Uses VMRS Codes to Make Your Fleet’s Data Work for You

When your team does the work of keeping your fleet on the road inside the FleetPal system, all of your tracking and reporting needs are available at the touch of a button.

VMRS codes make it easy for you to track your fleet’s operating costs by category or by unit. You can also track component lifetime. The FleetPal team can help you build custom templates to ensure that you get reporting that works for you and your organization.

Because FleetPal meets the implementation requirements for VMRS code reporting, you can use your fleet’s data to perform comparative analyses with other fleets in your sector of the industry. You can also share your aggregate data with service providers, manufacturers, and industry associations and trade groups to help the industry put data to work in ways that make life better for everyone.

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How FleetPal Connect Uses VMRS Codes to Simplify Your Operation

At FleetPal Connect, we know that many small- and mid-sized fleets don’t have the luxury of a full-time IT Department to set-up, integrate, and maintain their software solutions and mobile applications. Our mission is to make the tools that make fleets safer, more efficient, and more profitable available to the entire industry. VMRS codes are an important foundation that helps our platform provide the tools your team needs to get more done with less.

Contact us today to set up a demonstration so that you can see for yourself what FleetPal Connect can do for you and your team.